Purex Baby Detergent Review

Purex allowed me to share their laundry soap for infants with my friends! Everyone was excited to receive their full-size bottle of Purex and they all were impressed with the fresh scent and their clean baby clothes! I used it for a load to or two also since I have allergies and was interested in using a laundry soap for sensitive skin. Using a detergent made from a brand I trust is key, but it’s also important that it cleans hard to get out stains and is gentle enough not to irritate my skin. Purex Baby Liquid Detergent meets all of my needs.

I know Purex is brand that I can trust to get my clothes really clean. I also know that this formula is safe for babies and adults with skin sensitivity because it is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. I can say from personal experience that I had no reaction to it at all. Purex Baby handled every stain and dirty pile of laundry I threw at it, including my comfortable with cat throw-up residue, which I never thought could smell fresh again.

This product is specially designed to handle baby stains, while being safe enough for delicate baby skin. It has a very light fresh scent and is safe for all washing machines. Please take some time to browse the Purex site and learn all about this great laundry soap and the other products they offer.


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