Cheesy Black Bean Quesadilla Triangles Recipe

I recently tried the Morningstar Farm Spicy Black Bean Burger for BzzAgent and wanted to share a really original recipe using the product. Morngingstar burgers are filled with great taste and lots of vegetables you can actually see. Very healthy option for those meatless Monday!!

Cheesy Black Bean Quesadillas, perfect finger food for the Super Bowl!

Preparation Time: 59 minutes
Total Time: 59 minutes
Servings: 36


12 MorningStar Farms® Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burgers
7 ounces pepper Jack cheese,
4 ounces cheddar cheese,
3 ounces monterey Jack cheese,
13 ounces roasted-tomato salsa
4 tablespoons southwest seasoning
2 red, yellow and green bell peppers,
36 10 inch round flour tortillas


1.  In large mixing bowl, combine diced Morningstar Farms® Spicy Black Bean Burger, cheeses, salsa, seasoning and peppers. Mix thoroughly and set aside.  2.  Cut tortillas into 7-inch triangles. 3.  Place 2 ounces of mixture in center of each triangle; fold each corner into the center, overlapping one another. Repeat. 4.  In nonstick pan, brown each quesadilla about 1 minute on each side. 5.  Finish in 350ºF oven for 5 minutes. 6.  Serve with cilantro, lime or sour cream, if desired.


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