I have wanted to be the next Carrie Bradshaw for the last ten years and become “next in the city.” So during the summer of 2010, I decided that I should probably give this blogging thing a chance. I love how blogs give writers the freedom to write about anything and everything.

So, the quick details…
I started writing children and teen books at a very early age  (My illustrations are priceless). I won some essay contests. I wrote for school newspapers. I have a gazillion journals/diaries/day planners/old notes from high school.  I went to college for Eng/Pro Writing. I now hold the title of “Grant Writer” at my nonprofit NYC job. And, of course, I will be writing my own wedding vows on 9-10-11. So, okay, you get the point. Writing is in the blood.

UPDATE (August 2014): I now work for the GO Project, a nonprofit in Lower Manhattan that provides educational and family support services to 560 students and their families. I am responsible for grant writing, event planning, corporate support, individual giving, and data entry. I also oversee our young professionals group!

Oh yeah, and I subscribe to a dozen magazines. This will be me on a  daily basis when/if I retire…

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