Renuzit Pearl Scents Review

Renuzit® Pearl Scents® are a pretty odor neutralizer that fills your home with refreshing fragrances that last up to 30 days. And with these charming little jars, there’s no need for electric plugs or flames. Simply, set it down and it continuously leaves your room with a light and fresh scent. They fit almost anywhere — offices, bathrooms, basements, and on top of your litter box. 🙂 It is also a new gift to give instead of a traditional candle! For Mother’s Day, I gave my mom a basket filled with goodies, including the aqua Peal Scents!

The Pearl Scents include:

Blue Sky Breeze (blue)
The freshness of a crisp breeze. The sensation of the outside. This vibrant blend of scents refreshes your soul and renews your senses.
Serenity (purple)
Transform your room into a relaxing space with the calming scent of lavender and soothing botanical florals.
Sparkling Rain (green)
Bring the crisp, clean scent of fresh rain with hints of melon, pear and water lily into your home.
Tranquil (light blue, aqua)
Crisp ozone and watery melon notes combine with lily and jasmine to create the clean, dewy essence of a spring day.
Seductive Pineapple (yellow/orange)
Juicy melon, succulent pineapple with a sweet kiss of coconut and vanilla brings this vibrant, tropical fragrance to life.
You can find Renuzit on Facebook Twitter and Pinterest as well as their website to stay up to date on their promos and specials. Thank you Purex for allowing me the chance to learn more about this exciting new product.

Dial Kids Products Review

I have purchased and used Dial products since I myself was a child and have never once been disappointed in their products. I received the opportunity to review some Dial products in the past as a Purex Insider, and recently was given that same opportunity with a few brand new products.
For this review, I received Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash, along with a bottle of Dial Baby Body and Hair Wash. I absolutely love the concept of these products and was thrilled with this opportunity!
This foaming hand wash is perfect for my neices little hands! Since it’s foaming, so there isn’t any work as far as working up a good lather. Simply dispense it, and rub vigorously to clean before rinsing! The bottle is the perfect size for small guests and it is easy to spot with fun colors! The scent is watermelon which I haven’t seen before in a soap. I will be sure to bring this soap with us on vacation this summer as well!
I have been giving the girls Dial baby products since they were born! Fun stocking stuffer. Every time I am over for bathtime I also love to use the Dial products and see firsthand how great they are for kids. The Dial body wash lathers up very well and a little dollop in the palm of your hand really goes a long way with this product! While it is fragrance free and gentle on little skin and eyes, it still leaves a refreshing, clean scent every time.
All in all, I am a huge fan of both of these fantastic children’s products and definately recommend them! If you are interested in trying them for yourself, email me – I was currently running a contest to win a free product! Good luck and enjoy this spring weather!

Combat® Ant & Roach Killing Bait Strips Review & Contest

I recently was invited to try a new ant-killing product from Combat! NEW Combat Ant & Roach Killing Bait Strips have the same killing power found in Combat Gels, but now available in a new discreet design. These thin bait strips have an adhesive backing that makes it easy to hide out of sight and reach of children and pets. Combat Killing Bait Strips are easy to apply (break apart! peel off backing!) and leave no mess. The gel bait formula contains food and water that roaches and ants seek, combined with Fipronil, a fast acting insecticide that begins killing within hours once the insect has come into contact with the bait.

After putting the Combat Killing Ant Bait Strips down, I haven’t had any ant problems! The killing bait strips work great for getting rid of ants and I will definitely continue to use to keep those little pests away!! Love how easy they are.

With the release of this new product, Combat is offering up big bucks!!! $1,000! Just enter via this link: GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY FRIDAY!

Combat Ant and Roach Killing Bait Strips

Soft Scrub Advanced Surface Review

As a member of the Purex Insiders, I recently received a FREE bottle of the NEW Soft Scrub Advanced Surface gel to try and review. This product works great in both my bathroom and kitchen.  While it is tough on stains, it remains gentle on surfaces such as granite, stainless steel, marble and even glass cook tops.  I like knowing that there this no rinse cleaner yet my surfaces remain clean and unharmed by the gel. Use this product to help you to remove water spots, fingerprints, and soap scum from stainless steel and grease, grime and stains from your granite and marble.  Using one product for multiple cleaning tasks in my home, makes my job easier and my grocery bill lighter as well!

In conjunction with the NEW Soft Scrub® Advanced Surface Insider Kit, Soft Scrub is proud to introduce the Don’t Worry, Be Happy Sweepstakes featuring NEW Soft Scrub® Advanced Surface! One lucky winner will receive $1,000, while 250 second place winners get to try NEW Soft Scrub® Advanced Surface for FREE! To get a shot at winning, enter at: As always, GOOD LUCK!



Dial Coconut Water Body Wash Review


Dial sent me a new product to try: the Coconut Waterhydrating body wash. Every time I come home to surprise FedEx packages, I am super excited like a kid on Christmas. When they are cleaning products, I am happy, but when they are beauty or health and wellness products, I am more intrigued and thankful for this little part-time job of mine! I use body wash regularly and was eager to try Dial’s new product since I love coconut smells.

Dial’s Coconut water Body & Bamboo leaf extract body wash has a sweet and subtle fragrance with  a fairly thick consistency. The attractive packaging is simple and perfect for guys AND girls! The body wash rinses off quickly and easily, making your skin feel refreshed and clean with the light lingering scent of coconut.

Although the hubs and I each have our own favorite bath and body products, I love having a family body wash available. You never know when one person may run out and need to use what is available. This product fits the bill for us and the price is easily less than $5 in the store.  To find out more about the product and company, check out its Facebook page!

Added bonus: Dial is giving away $$$ to lucky fans!!! Enter the contest below to win $1,000, or one of 250 free Coconut Water Body Washes. As always, good luck!!



Purex Detergent plus Fabric Softener Review/Giveaway

I was lucky enough to try the new Purex detergent plus Fabric Softener with Crystals Fragrance and was pleasantly surprised! I always think that all detergents are the same but that is simply not the case! I was impressed with how well this product worked on all our tough stains, especially cat vomit and paint. The detergent had a great smell — reminds me of flowers (not overpowering thought!).  I am a fan of this for sure, especially love that the fabric softener is already in the detergent. Easy peasy! 

Additionally, I have another contest to share with you all! Take a minute to enter if you are feeling lucky! You could win $1,000 and a year of FREE Purex detergent plus Fabric Softener! There will also be 500 second place winners who will receive this powerful, fresh detergent for FREE!

Good luck and happy spring cleaning days!

20 Mule Team Borax Review

Borax sent me a box of 20 Mule Team Borax to try and review for them.  Incidently, I had never heard of this product before, but was anxious to try it.  20 Mule Team Borax boosts the power of your detergent by conditioning the water and removing hard water minerals.
The amazing thing is how versatile this product is! The uses do not end in the laundry room. Borax is a great cleaner and deodorizer for the kitchen and bathroom too.  It’s great for spot cleaning carpets and rugs and can be used in the dishwasher to reduce water spots.  My favorite use is to deodorize the garbage disposal. Simply sprinkle 2 to 3 Tablespoons in the disposal or drain and let it stand for about 15 minutes. Then flush it with clear water and, voila! All those gross food smells are gone.
20 Mule Team Borax is 100% natural mineral from the earth, sodium tetraborate.  It’s produced by the perpetual evaporation of seasonal lakes.  Once removed from the ground it is washed, dried, and boxed for consumers. Absolutely nothing is added. Try it for yourself today!
Disclosure: Borax provided a free sample of their product for this post. My participation
is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own.