Gorilla® Packaging Tape Review

Never again will you use other tape after trying Gorilla® Packaging Tape – the ultimate solution for moving, shipping and storage. Keeping packages secure now takes JUST ONE STRIP™ with this thicker, tougher and wider tape! The smooth, quiet release tape is water and temperature resistant, allowing it to hold-up through a variety of conditions. Applying Gorilla® Packaging tape is also quick with the durable, easy to refill dispenser that cuts tape with ease, making this tape the perfect solution for all of your packing needs.

To all of my friends in the process of moving, please try Gorilla!

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*Please note: I am a member of Smiley360. They provided me with a sample to review the product. The opinions expressed in this blog are my own. 

Finally… we are moving

It has been over two weeks since my last post! So sorry! My life went into overdrive since then. But I am back. Hopefully! Well, until wedding season 🙂 

It took many trips up to north Jersey, but we finally found our dream apartment. I  have been living there on week nights while the fiance finishes up his job in Philly (more about my job in another post). He has been coming up Friday, we go back to Philly Saturday, and then back together on Sunday (he leaves in the evening). We have been bringing up boxes each trip, so a quarter of our belongings are in NJ while the rest (and one of the cats) is still in Philly. We are renting a truck this weekend for all the big furniture. Hopefully it will be painless. I can taste the champagne my mom is bringing up already LOL.

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2nd floor

Our place is literally a mansion compared to the last apartment… an extra room and a half, plus a kitchen and bathroom which are double the size of what we are used to in Philly.  The house was built in 1901 and I used almost every adjective in the book to describe it when I first got the tour with the landlord. Charming and cute were my faves. Hard wood floors, old key doors (worth 400 bucks each haha), secret storage areas! But especially with working in a hustle and bustle city, coming home to a quaint, quiet, tree-lined street is the ideal amount of balance in my life. 

Our girl cat came up with me the first weekend and it took her about 5 days to come out from underneath my covers. Now she is running around — and eating — like her usual self! Thank gosh the constant crying is past us! It will be interesting to see how our boy cat reacts as Philly has been his only home (my girl has lived in 3 apartments now and my grandmother’s house for 3 months). Plus the two  have been separated from each other lately, so hopefully they missed each other!

One of  my girlfriends came up to stay with me one night to keep me company. She couldn’t believe I had been living on my own in a new city, new state with a new job in a new city, new state for two weeks. When she stated it that way, okay, it seemed scary, but for some reason, I felt perfectly safe and content. I think it’s because this has been my dream for so long. Trying to get to a certain place in your life, accomplish a certain goal, and not seeing results for so long, can really put a damper on your life at certain times. But, everything is in place, everything seems perfect. I could not be more happy. I could not have asked for more (Ek! Sounding like an Edwin McCain song, sorry!). Seriously though.. every time I emerge from the subway to head to the office, I look around the Lower East Side and smile. Every time I emerge from the office and look around, I smile (especially these past few 70 degree weather days!). 

My second day, I accidently left “underground” (was in Penn State looking for NJ Transit) and magically was in the  middle of Times Square/Madison Square Garden. I giggled like a little school girl! I may not be writing my own column for a newspaper or living in the most beautiful brownstone like Carrie (which I’ve seen in person BTW!), but I do have my Mr. Big and My NYC  Soul Mate in my back pocket.