Dial Rewards Review

As you can imagine, I love joining rewards programs for added incentives, coupons, free products, cash, and general increased dedication to a company! I was pleased when I learned that Dial had created their own program for their die-hard loyalists.


After I joined Dial Rewards, I realized that the system has a great reward program. Once you accrue enough points, you can spend them on Dial Products, Sweepstakes Entries, Gift Cards, and more! Points can be earned by a Daily Sign In (50 points!), Entering a code, Watching a video, Taking a survey, and Sharing info with friends.

The options are pretty much endless which I think is pretty amazing. Dial has made earning points incredibly fun and rewarding! I cannot wait to see what else they have in store for me once I really get further invested!

Visit www.dialrewards.com to sign up and join in on the fun! The profile setting-up process is extremely easy. Make sure to use the code- 7X04J when you register! Enjoy!

Dial Kids Products Review

I have purchased and used Dial products since I myself was a child and have never once been disappointed in their products. I received the opportunity to review some Dial products in the past as a Purex Insider, and recently was given that same opportunity with a few brand new products.
For this review, I received Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash, along with a bottle of Dial Baby Body and Hair Wash. I absolutely love the concept of these products and was thrilled with this opportunity!
This foaming hand wash is perfect for my neices little hands! Since it’s foaming, so there isn’t any work as far as working up a good lather. Simply dispense it, and rub vigorously to clean before rinsing! The bottle is the perfect size for small guests and it is easy to spot with fun colors! The scent is watermelon which I haven’t seen before in a soap. I will be sure to bring this soap with us on vacation this summer as well!
I have been giving the girls Dial baby products since they were born! Fun stocking stuffer. Every time I am over for bathtime I also love to use the Dial products and see firsthand how great they are for kids. The Dial body wash lathers up very well and a little dollop in the palm of your hand really goes a long way with this product! While it is fragrance free and gentle on little skin and eyes, it still leaves a refreshing, clean scent every time.
All in all, I am a huge fan of both of these fantastic children’s products and definately recommend them! If you are interested in trying them for yourself, email me – I was currently running a contest to win a free product! Good luck and enjoy this spring weather!

Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash Review

Happy Friday friends! I am always in search of a great new soap or body wash to wake me up in the morning! My preference is usually creamy body washes but I was interested to try Dial’s new Miracle Oil body wash. The bottle is bright orange which is great for those early mornings. The wash suds up quickly and I did not miss the creaminess.

Infused with caring Marula Oil and formulated with Micro Oil technology, the restoring wash’s rich lather is perfect to help make your skin clean, soft, and smooth.The smell is fresh and spa-like and a must-try for all you body wash lovers out there!

Miracle Oil Marula Oil Infused Body Wash

The opinions expressed in this blog are my own while I did receive a free product.

Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Body Wash Review #GetNoticed

I simply love body wash. It makes me smile through dreary mornings, refreshes my skin, and helps me wake up in the shower. I was happy to hear that Dial was creating a new scent, the Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Body Wash. This product contains coconut water, known to be rich in antioxidants and electrolytes, as well as nutrient-rich mango. Just one sniff and your mind begins to wander to a summer vacation filled with sun, white beaches, and blue waters.

Not only does this wash smell great, but it has a clear consistency not often found on the market these days. It pours easily from the bottle and lathers instantly. When rinsing, I found no residue or yucky mess in my shower.

These combos are sure to be a hit in your household too! Please email me for entry into a product giveaway. Good luck and happy sudsing! Remember to #GetNoticed with Dial! 


Note: I received a free product to facilitate this review. However, all opinions in this blog are my own.

Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Review

I recently received two new soaps to try from Dial as part of the Purex Insiders program. These new products from Dial, the Deep Cleansing hand soaps, come in three amazing scents: Yellow Raspberry & Black Sugar, Water Blossoms, and Coconut Lime Verbena. I received the Coconut scent and the Water Blossoms scent and immediately loved the sleek pump bottle that they came in. With a small one sink vanity and a tiny bathroom, I am grateful these pumps are slender and allow me to maximize the space in my house.

Each hand soap has a moisturizer and gentle micro-scrubber formula that smooths and moisturizes the skin. I have to wash my hands a lot with working in an office located inside a school so I appreciate a hand soap with a moisturizer in it. The micro-scrubbers are similar to the kind that come in many face wash products. It was an interesting feeling at first to feel them in there when I was rubbing my hands together. A little gritty but not harsh. Definitely unique and great smelling. These products make washing hands fun again!

I recommend you check out these new soaps to bring some spring into your house. To find out more information, check out these links:



Twitter: @dial


Dial Coconut Water Body Wash Review


Dial sent me a new product to try: the Coconut Waterhydrating body wash. Every time I come home to surprise FedEx packages, I am super excited like a kid on Christmas. When they are cleaning products, I am happy, but when they are beauty or health and wellness products, I am more intrigued and thankful for this little part-time job of mine! I use body wash regularly and was eager to try Dial’s new product since I love coconut smells.

Dial’s Coconut water Body & Bamboo leaf extract body wash has a sweet and subtle fragrance with  a fairly thick consistency. The attractive packaging is simple and perfect for guys AND girls! The body wash rinses off quickly and easily, making your skin feel refreshed and clean with the light lingering scent of coconut.

Although the hubs and I each have our own favorite bath and body products, I love having a family body wash available. You never know when one person may run out and need to use what is available. This product fits the bill for us and the price is easily less than $5 in the store.  To find out more about the product and company, check out its Facebook page!

Added bonus: Dial is giving away $$$ to lucky fans!!! Enter the contest below to win $1,000, or one of 250 free Coconut Water Body Washes. As always, good luck!!