Cottonelle Mega Roll Review

As a fan of saving money and the environment, I absolutely loved trying Cottonelle’s new Mega Rolls as part of the Crowdtap sampling mission program. I had never heard of a company trying to create a larger roll so this was something new for me!

The Mega roll holds four rolls in one, provides less changing of rolls, less buying of rolls, less cardboard waste, and less hassle! If that is not enough of a mega convenience and cost-cutter reasoning for you, I do not know what is! I highly recommend this new Cottonelle TP!


Cottonelle’s Summer Clean Care Campaign

During this sticky summer, it helps having handy wipes around during beach trips, hikes, or games of tennis! Leave it to Cottonelle to come to the rescue with Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths, as well as the always useful (and soft!) Cottonelle Toilet Paper.

What I love most about the wipes are that they come in smaller travel-sized packages or can be used in a larger dispenser at home. The dispenser is perfect for situating behind the toilet! It is a great look that hardly looks out of the norm but is very handy. 

Our household will continue to use Cottonelle products and we definitely recommend them.

Cottonelle does it again!


Thanks to Crowdtap for selecting me for the Cottonelle Summer Clean Care Campaign!