Dial Coconut Water Body Wash Review


Dial sent me a new product to try: the Coconut Waterhydrating body wash. Every time I come home to surprise FedEx packages, I am super excited like a kid on Christmas. When they are cleaning products, I am happy, but when they are beauty or health and wellness products, I am more intrigued and thankful for this little part-time job of mine! I use body wash regularly and was eager to try Dial’s new product since I love coconut smells.

Dial’s Coconut water Body & Bamboo leaf extract body wash has a sweet and subtle fragrance with  a fairly thick consistency. The attractive packaging is simple and perfect for guys AND girls! The body wash rinses off quickly and easily, making your skin feel refreshed and clean with the light lingering scent of coconut.

Although the hubs and I each have our own favorite bath and body products, I love having a family body wash available. You never know when one person may run out and need to use what is available. This product fits the bill for us and the price is easily less than $5 in the store.  To find out more about the product and company, check out its Facebook page!

Added bonus: Dial is giving away $$$ to lucky fans!!! Enter the contest below to win $1,000, or one of 250 free Coconut Water Body Washes. As always, good luck!!