Splenda Sweetner

This holiday season my new secret weapon is Splenda No Calorie Granulated Sugar! If there was a perfect Secret ingredient for those sugar cookies – it is this sugar! Perfect for sweets, coffee, and all your Baking needs!

*this review was made possible from a free sample. Opinions are my own. image.jpg

Truvia Review


Have you made the switch to Truvia sweetener yet? Truvia just added a wide variety of natural, zero-calorie sweetener options to use for general sweetening and even baking. I like to use the convenient Truvia spoonable jar which I keep on the counter to sweet my beverages and fruits. The Truvia Baking Blend is a blend of stevia and sugar which can be used in place of sugar in your recipes. It has 75% less calories than sugar per serving and your baked goods will taste great.

Definitely recommend you purchase Truvia today!