I have been going to the Jersey shore since I was a kid. Most of our family vacations were to Atlantic City, NJ due to the fact that my grandmother was a hard-core gambler (see us below!) and we could stay for free! Now as an adult, I frequent AC A LOT! I have the gambling gene as well, just not as much. Jared and I “do AC” about twice a year and often come home with some extra spending cash (thank you slot machines with fun interactive games).

Thanks to Crowdtap, I was able to participate in the new promotional campaign for AC – “Do AC”.  This was a chance to explore all of Atlantic City’s beaches, fun boardwalks, and amazing nightlife, in addition to the gambling! We always have a great time sitting on the beach of Atlantic City since it is free and so close to the hotel. Just one step and there you are!

For a quickie, weekend getaway, remember Atlantic City. Harrah’s Pool is always a great experience like none other. The beaches are cleaner than ever. There are so many different ways to gamble that I am sure you can find you love. And, of course, the many different restaurants are sure to keep you full.

Good luck as you gamble your favorite games!



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