Purex Ultra Packs plus Oxi Review

I recently received a trial box of Purex UltraPacks to try and review. This laundry detergent comes in tiny capsules similiar to the dishwasher capsules. In each convenient pack is a complete load’s worth of concentrated liquid laundry detergent that does dissolve quickly, even in cold water, releasing the concentrated liquid laundry detergent.

I use these capsules all the time in the dishwasher and now am hooked on these new capsules for my laundry. I am able to get all the stains out with Purex Ultra packs with Oxi with no measuring, no mess. Just toss and go! With double the cleaning power in every drop, you can trust your clothes will come out bright, white and clean. Just give these a chance and you will see a huge difference in clothing with stains, I can promise you that!

Purex also has a great promotion going right now for sure for a chance to win $50. Just simply visit here and find the Red Jersey for a chance to win. For a little hint, when looking for the jersey, just toss and go!

Happy Friday, friends!


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