Dial Kids Hair & Body Wash Review

If you’ve got kids, you know how complicated bath time can be. Round up the shampoo, round up the conditioner, look for soap, make sure towels are clean and handy, etc. etc.

But I recently found a new product that I love for bath time for my 3 year old nieces. Dial created a Kids Body & Hair Wash for children 2+ and another for those 6+. We tried the wash for the younger kids, and loved how it offers mild cleansing without drying the skin. The scents are fun too – choose from peachy clean, watery melon or berry cool for a refreshing scent kids will love. The bottle’s cool design and the product’s affordable price will make this something you’ll want to try. When I gave this product to my niece last weekend with some fun bath toys, she loved it! Kept holding onto it since it has a neat grip and squeezing the bottle!

Dial is celebrating this new wash with a sweepstakes. Enter, and you could be the lucky winner of $1,000 or a winner of a coupon for Dial Kids Body & Hair Wash: http://insiders.purex.com/DialKidsSweeps?id=44525

Good luck!



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