Dry Idea Advanced Dry Review

Sooooo. IF you know me, you know I usually carry deodorant around in my purse and I have been known to use it at very random times! Including at funerals and in movie theatres. So when I was given the chance to sample and review Dry Idea’s Advanced Dry deodardent with Pulse Activated Wetness Protection, I was pretty skeptical that it would work for me. I have tried so many deodorants in the past without much luck.

Well, the verdict is in: The new formula consists of enduring odor protection formulated with Vitamin E that lasts for 72 hours! And it really WORKS! When my hubby ran out of his Old Spice, he even used mine for a day!! I love it! In celebration of this product release, Dry Idea is hosting a sweepstakes with 1 lucky grand prize winner receiving $500 and 10 additional winners receiving $50. Hurry and Click HERE to enter! Don’t forget to follow Dry Idea on their website & Facebook for future promotions!


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