Purex plus Oxi Review

Now that I have a laundry room in our HOUSE, I love keeping different bottles of detergent in the cool cabinets above the machines! I never had this chance before, so it makes me feel so “domestic” and I love having different options for whatever I am cleaning at the time. When Oxi Clean came out with a new detergent, I was intrigued. I had never used Oxi Clean in the past, but was excited to learn of Purex plus Oxi, a new stain-fighting liquid detergent from Purex!

Purex plus Oxi works against over 101 different stains and is the most powerful Purex detergent available. It has three stain-fighting enzymes that work against different types of stains for the most Purex stain-fighting power you can get. It is also specially formulated to work in both high efficiency (he) washers and traditional washing machines. Your clothes will come out Bright, White, and Clean for half the price than other leading detergents. It is a powerful combination of detergent and stain fighters.

  • A hypoallergenic formula with a light, fresh scent
  • Perfect for everyday laundry or heavily soil loads
  • Visit purex.com for additional product information

I tried using it on our white comforter and was pleasantly surprised. Only one tiny small tan stain (an old cat throw-up mark!) did not come out, but it did fade considerably. After it was washed and dried, I got into bed with the hubby, who asked what I had washed the comforter in. He said that it reminded him of his childhood. Aw. It smells amazingly fresh and I was glad to try this new product! I love using only one detergent for stain-fighting!

Purex Plus Oxi laundry detergent giveaway


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