1st Holiday Season in a HOUSE

As you may know, we recently purchased our first single-family home this spring. After living in apartments for so many years, I stopped buying holiday decor simply because I did not have the space to store or display new items. However, after our housewarming party in September, our lovely friends and family gave us some great fall decorations, including Halloween baskets, seasonal flags for an outdoor flagpole, Thanksgiving hangings, and light-up pumpkins! As I was taking everything down this past weekend, I realized how happy all the decorations had made me over the past two months. I decided to take a trip to K-Mart and Sears to see if they  had any Christmas decorations out yet!

When I arrived, there was trees already staged and about 7 aisles of holiday decorations, gifts, and more. I was overwhelmed with the lighting section, so I headed over to the garland. Now that I have a staircase, I was eager to see how I could decorate it. I decided on a 9 foot pre-light Canadian pine garland. That was the easy part. While I had to do research on the Internet on how to hang the perfect garland (without using nails!), it came out looking pretty good for a first-time home buyer!!! Thank you to K-mart and Sears for helping me with my first ever Christmas house purchase! I cannot wait to buy more. Oh, and shop for gifts for those same friends and fam.



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