A Holiday Weekend Friday

Well. It is September. Halloween stores are opening. Pools are closing. Walmart is rolling back prices on folders and pencils.  Ah, my heart is starting to break for the 29th time.  I will make the best out of it by clocking in an overwhelming amount of sunshine time this Labor Day weekend until I head back to the same office, to the same desk on Tuesday. However, life was not always so routine. 

It’s refreshing that 6 years out of school, I can still remember the excitement, the nervousness of beginning a new school year. What would my teachers be like? Would I know anyone in my classes? How much were books going to cost? Even though I love having a steady pay check and health insurance, I miss those school-bound September’s. I never knew how good I had it.
I always wanted what I have now. But making new friends, taking new courses and doodling on my notebooks was a way of life that I will always cherish as I look back on those 16 years of schooling. So, to all you “kids” still in high school or college: Soak it up. Raise your hand. Volunteer with various organizations. Do it all because you never know when one of those decisions or one of those moments may just lead you to a forever friend or a great job. Dream big yet don’t look too far ahead because the future comes sooner than you can believe.

Have a kick ass Labor Day weekend y’all.


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