On August 24, 2009, I wrote an email to myself via futureme.org to be delivered on August 24, 2010. It just arrived in my mail box! I stumbled upon this site somehow and loved the concept right away. Two men started futureme as a way for people to write anything they wanted to themselves and have it delivered at any time they wanted.

As I said, I picked a year and wrote:

Dear FutureMe,
i hope you are working in NYC?!?!!?! engaged?!? house!?!?! happy!?!?!
i hope i hope i hope.

So. I am still working in Philadelphia. However, I am engaged. I am still renting in Philadelphia. However, I am happy.  I have learned that some things take time. More time than I want to give sometimes, but life has a plan. I know this. I just need to remember I know this at certain times.

Take a quick minute and write to your future self!

What will you say?
Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be?

Sometimes the path you think you will take — the one that is right in front of you or the one you dream to take — is not the one you will take after all.

Mountain Springs Lake Resort.
Photos courtesy of EdFilms.


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