Hello world!

Wow. My second blog of the year! I got engaged in 2009 and started a wedding blog shortly after to highlight special days during the engagement. That gave me an itch to blog and soon I wanted to write more general, every day life entries, but I knew that site was not the best place for those posts. However, if you want to read about my life as strictly a fiance, check it out @ www.weddingbycolor.com/elizjade.

Let me introduce myself. I am 29 years old (sounds so old, groan) and live in Northeast Philadelphia with my fiance, Jared. I am a Development Associate at a nonprofit that provides creative arts therapy to people with special needs, at-risk youth and the frail elderly. I raise money through grants and events, get our word out through public relations and social media tools and am a board liaison. If you are interested in more info about Kardon Institute, their site is located at www.kardoninstitute.org.

I went to school for Pro Writing and PR so my main passion is writing, as you will soon see. Other things that I fancy:

Loves: the fiance (Jared), fam, friends, my two orange cats
Hobbies: writing, reading, laying out, working out, sipping wine, cooking, following my fave cover band (Joe Bachman & the Crew), and gracefully stumbling yet continuously smiling through the twenty-something years (while they last).
Beliefs: everything happens for a reason. fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

I will write more later but for now I want to check out more blogs from other bloggers!


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